A Class-Room Introduction to Logic

May 2, 2009

Suggested Readings

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B. N. KaulĀ  : A Course in Deductive Logic, Sultan Chand & Sons, New Delhi

Cohen & Nagal : Introduction to Logic and Scientific Method, Macmillan Publishing

Company, London.

Copi, Cohen, JetliĀ  & Prabhakar: Introduction to Logic, Pearson Education, 2006

Chhanda Chakraborti : Logic: Informal, Symbolic & Inductive, Prentice Hall of India

Pvt. Ltd.2007.

Krishana Jain:A Text Book of Logic, Ajanta Books International, New Delhi.

Internet Resources:

You can find some internet links in the left side of the page, I have used some of them for this purpose.


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