A Class-Room Introduction to Logic

April 23, 2011


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“In a Republican nation, whose citizens are to be led by reason and persuasion and not by force, the art of reasoning becomes of the first importance.”-Thomas Jefforson

Higher education is meant to enrich the intellectual prowess of the learners and to promote a respect for reason. It is not enough to know the answers to the questions asked: it is equally important to learn to question the answers. A critical, systematically inquiring mind is the end result of a proper intellectual training. Logic is the study of the methods and principles used to distinguish correct from incorrect reasoning. Study of logic is an effective tool for achieving these goals. Furthermore, mere delivery of information to the students does not teach them how to organize or systematize their thoughts, or how to assess what they have received. While teaching some effective time –tested methods for processing, analyzing and evaluating information, study of logic also teaches how to enrich one’s intellectual life with a logical approach.

Friends, welcome to the first page of  Logic in India.  It is for Indian students prepared for first paper entitled Principles of Logic in Diploma-in-Reasoning course of Department of Philosophy, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra, where  I taught four years. It is also beneficial for graduate students who have elementary logic course in their syllabus. Basically I used both printed books and internet sources to prepare it. You can find the course syllabus in my post “Philosophy is Nothing without Logic” at The Positive Philosophy page and also in the side links of this page. This is only a draft, kindly send your suggestions and ideas to dr.sirswal@gmail.com or niyamak.drs@gmail.com, I shall be highly thankful to you. A  short list of reference books are mentioned below of the Table of Contents and reference sites are linked with this  page. This page introduces the basic conceptions of formal logic, informal logic and also Symbolic logic.

                                                                                                DESH RAJ SIRSWAL


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