A Class-Room Introduction to Logic

May 4, 2009


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Q.I.  Write  short notes, in about 25-30 words on the following:

  1. Inference
  2. Denotation of Term
  3. Predicate Term
  4. Copula
  5. Particular Affirmative proposition (I)
  6. Contraries
  7. Law of Contradiction
  8. Obversion
  9. Mediate Deductive Argument
  10. Mood of Syllogism
  11. Fallacy of Illicit Minor
  12. Truth-table
  13. Inference
  14. Induction Method
  15. Deductive Method

Q.II. Is Logic an Art or Science? Discuss the nature and scope of Logic in this context.

Q.III. Define a Proposition. Discuss Aristotle’s four fold division of proposition.

Q.IV.  What is a Thought? Explain the basic Laws of Though.

Q.V.  What is an Argument? Discuss different kinds of Argument.

Q.VI. State various moods of syllogism according to First figure.

Q.VII.  What is Symbolic Logic? Explain truth functional compound statements.

Q.VIII . Define truth-table and give some example to validity by truth table method.


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